• Text message has a 98% open rate.
  • 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received.
  • Morgan Stanley reported that 91% of Americans keep their mobile device within arms length at all times.

What is inputChat?

inputChat is a CRM

Inputchat is built to communicate effectively and efficiently. We know there are challenges running a business. inputChat has a solution that has worked for thousands of businesses, both large and small. We are the only company that bring ALL communications to one central inbox in an organized manner that allows your business to communicate seamlessly at the touch of a button


  • Simple business line Texting
  • Text incoming leads in seconds
  • All Social media platform leads to one inbox
  • Text contracts and service agreements.
  • Text to generate reviews


inputChat is CRM that receives leads from any open lead source. We have developed a format that allows your business to respond within seconds through text or an automated response of your choosing.

All integrations are welcome.

Begin registration and have access to leads centralized office communication and business text messaging with in 15 minutes.

Monitor which lead sources are producing results. Stay informed and manage pending contracts. Lost leads? Automate follow up text messages.


Your website is an important part of your company. We install a web chat on your website that allows visitors to your site to text your business directly from their phone and you or your employees can respond directly from their phone.

Form submissions are an important way for people to get ahold of your business, when your customer or lead submit their information inputChat simplifies the communication to call or text the person who submitted the form directly from your smartphone.

With the help of our dashboard we track and display how many form submissions and web chats along with all your other incoming communication sources so you will know how much traffic is coming through the website.


When your business misses a call it costs you money. We have phone solutions to integrate seamlessly to communicate from the central inbox. We will customize any phone system to accommodate your business needs.

Anytime your business misses a call we create a contact and send a text. It is that simple. For the times when you can’t answer (on the other line, after hours, or just not able to monitor the phone all the time) Relax… IC has you covered. We track key indicators like, total call volume, missed calls, and answer % You need a phone solution built for 2021. Our phone system allows you to take full advantage of the calling/messaging features.

All missed calls, voicemail, and hold queue option to a texting/messaging conversation. Phone system integrate are limited to the phone provider. If you are interested in the phone system features just let us know. You work 1 on 1 with our team to customize your phone system to your business needs.


You have plenty of happy customers. Now let them bring you the next happy customer. Here is an important statistic. 87% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase, the people interviewed also say they look at the businesses response to the review.

We link your google my business account or Facebook (or lead source) to receive and respond to all reviews within InputChat. IC automates the review process to facilitate your business, in gathering and responding to reviews.

You can respond to Facebook and google reviews directly in IC. This saves your company a lot of time and you are able to respond to each review as quickly as you can respond to a text message. Let us help your business get more reviews.


You know the power of social media. Does your business use social media to interact with consumers or follow up with customers and leads? Facebook, Instagram, Google and Many more.

Bring all social media communication to the central inbox to avoid ever missing a message. Respond across hundreds of platforms from one place, and it only takes about the same amount of time for your business as it does to send a text message. We simplify communication for you. All integrations welcome.


Communicate with team members from the same central inbox. Assign incoming texting conversations to any employee or team member so they can continue a texting conversation that started with another team member.

Think about it like transferring a call (but with texting and messaging) IC allows owners and managers to monitor their employees communication and chime into the conversation when needed.

Do you know your business average response time? If you don’t-you should. Let us help you. Our mobile app and web based system work seamlessly together to help with employees working remotely. Our technology was designed to accommodate different business types and sizes.

IC works with enterprise customers and small business owners. Set criteria of how much time you want to give team members and co-workers to respond to customers and leads before IC generates an alert.

Let us help your workflow by assigning conversations to the right person or department based on the source the first time. (Why transfer the call or message or text if you don’t have to?) Your company will benefit by knowing which sources receive the most communication and how much in comparison with the other sources.